tonight i’ll sit in front of the fireplace, glass of wine in hand, barefoot – because somehow i feel more connected that way

and feel it all, i’m not trying to hold back, or pull back

i want to feel it tonight, all the pain, the doubts, the questions, push in and dare them to speak to me

put down the mask of okay

let’s be honest with each other, and lay it all out on the table, shall we?

you see, it’s been such a long road to the realization, with no lack of frustration in the process, that pain is my catalyst

it pushes me forward in a way that no other can, it drives me, motivates me, makes me mad,and  sets me searching

pain doesn’t damage, or break, it’s what we choose to do with those emotions that pays a toll

it can only make us stronger, if we let it, and dare i to think that perhaps that is exactly the purpose

so speak to me, dear pain, whispers of such sweet seeming lies,

come out from where you hide

and i will tell you the burning Truth