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Just after crossing over the Beartooth Pass and then taking the Chief Joseph byway toward Cody, one of the things I loved seeing in northern Wyoming were the red bluffs and rust colored dirt. Sticking my toes in, I remember once seeing red clay on a backwoods roadside while on a road trip to California, and my friend and I thought it was beautiful. We took some home thinking perhaps we could use it as an art medium. We don’t have it on the east coast or northern Idaho where I grew up, and I think it is stunning, like most of northwestern Wyoming. I love how every region has its own unique vibe, its own distinct beauty. This area is like stepping back in time to the old west, and you will see most guys wearing cowboy hats boots and blue jeans, or the younger generation in camo wife beaters and everyone drives oversized jacked up trucks. If there are parts of the old west that are being preserved it’s happening here, on free range soil among granite and red dirt bluffs rising from sagebrush plains.



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