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I am so disappointed. The earth in Blue Earth is not, in fact, blue. It is brown, oh the disappointment.

But there was this lovely little guy…

My campsite, and exercising my rusty camping skills, however was a complete success! The campsite is located at the fairgrounds, it’s free the first night and they provide hot showers and firewood. So I was able to cook this – beans and rice, with my nifty $2.00 Wall Mart frying pan, and Bacon & eggs the next day.  I feel so accomplished.

  I met a couple camp buddies, Loo and Lukas, from Germany, and a traveler kid named Micheal, or Frederick, from Denver (I still am not sure of his real name) hmm.. I guess that’s the traveler way.

I love meeting people from all walks of life, and since I especially have my eye on traveling through Germany it was great to meet these guys.

Michael gave me some pretty cool pointers on how to train hop, so that’s one step closer to being knocked off my bucket list!  He also gave me a handful of really useful thrifty travel tips, and told me how to get sailboats free – which now I totally have to try, at least.

Michael was headed to the Black Hills for the annual Rainbow  Festival, which I was tempted to drop in for curiosity’s sake, but thought better of it. He hitched a ride with me through  SD to Wall, where I dropped him off before heading to the Badlands. Before catching his bus, he bought me a much-needed cup of 5 cent coffee at the Wall Drug Store.

People say you should never pick up hitch hikers, and I generally don’t argue. But seriously, people are so skeptical and scared of each other all the time, which I think is a really divisive limiting and sad thing. If you’ve ever hoofed it, or been in the position to have to hitchhike, you just understand.

Besides, travers might end up being some of the most interesting people you ever meet.

Just use common sense, and trust your gut.

Where can you find a five cent cup of coffee these days? Only Wall Drug. It tasted like you’d imagine a 5 cent coffee would, but since it’s practically free you won’t hear me complaining. The store is family run since 1933, a 76,00 sq ft drugstore, restaurant, and souvenir shop. It is apparently pretty famous for its five cent coffee, homemade ice cream, local artwork, jewelry, gifts and attractions.
And this…

And good times were had by all.