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From my bottom bunk bed in the upstairs spare bedroom of my aunts house in Niles, through the open window I hear the trains whistle across town. Nostalgia, memories of my once home in Bonners Ferry where every night if I stayed up late enough I could hear the cargo trains faintly. Camping along lake Kootenay the summer we decided to do the crazy and make the 3 day hike along the tracks from Creston to Nelson, with blistered feet to prove it. Sleeping on my friends couch during weekend trips to BC, listening for the familiar rhythm while drifting away. Train traveling through Russia to meet people who would welcome me and begin to feel a bit like family after a month, like I wrote about here.

Drifting off to the melody… It’s always a comforting sound to me, peaceful – grounding – familiar, even though I’m 2,000 miles from a town I used to call home, and 900 miles from the place I’ve lived for the last year.

It’s the little things, trains and nostalgia.