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 Lamplighter Roasting Company is #4 one the list and stop #1 on my road trip list of 3 locally owned gourmet coffee shops I plan to visit. If it’s good enough to make it on Buzzfeed it must be good enough to elicit a few minutes of my time, naturally.

First impressions, I thought I was in the wrong place. Turns out Lamplighter has 3 locations in Richmond VA and I went to the original roasting house on Summit Ave which is also a bare bones café, in the old and fairly sketchy part of town.  Their menu is minimal, but what they do offer is quite good….

I order a Cafe Latte, and at $3.50 for a large mug of quality coffee I have no complaints! That’s cheaper than the average coffee shop, including Starbucks, and the coffee is far better!
Besides I’d rather support a locally owned café like Lamplighter.

It had a mildly sweet light and smooth flavor with a bit of a sour hint to it which I personally wasn’t crazy about, the perfect amount of foam, and of course what we all love a Rosetta! They don’t use syrups at all because the beans produce sweet enough flavor on their own, as I’m learning that all good coffee should. Shame on you Starbucks, your bitter beans are much overpriced.

From the coffee bar you can see into the back of the shop where they roast their beans fresh every day so I got to see a glimpse of process

In order to maintain my obtrusive American touristy reputation, I managed to grab a picture before the master bean roaster fellow could stop me. He didn’t seem too enthusiastic about giving out his secrets, or conversation for that matter. So yeah, that’s all I have to report on road trip coffee shop stop #1 ✔️