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The last few days wind down as I prepare to embark on the first of several new adventures. I’ll be road tripping across the states in just over a week, spending some time in my home state of Idaho, and BC, and then making the big move to upstate NY at the beginning of August. I’m taking some time to reflect over last year. Although it was perhaps one of the most difficult, and because forgiveness is an amazing thing, I find that what stands out most is the good and the beautiful. Living in the Philippines was scary and difficult, and so were many other aspects of my life at the time. But all that aside, there were some moments when I could not believe how incredibly blessed I was. I lived through some of the most incredible life changing and beautiful moments in my 20 something life. And for that I am thankful. I miss it in certain ways; the sunsets that took my breath away, the beaches and crystal water. The better than I imagined food that I would have never eaten had I not experiences it the way I did- like Balut; boiled duck fetus. Or  roadside BBQ chicken feet and intestines, or fried chicken blood. I have to hand it to the Philippine people, they don’t let anything go to waste! I miss the simplicity of their remote villages, and even sometimes the overpopulated chaos of the city with whirring motors honking and beeping to squeeze past on tiny roads and alleys. I miss the fresh fruit markets and local bakeries; the incredibly primitive and simple but delicious local cuisine. I miss silly laughter filled adventures with friends, and later the people who were there when what I needed most was a little support and some kind words of wisdom. I miss the unique flavors and foreignness around every corner. These are the things I am thankful for.