They say not all who wander are lost… I disagree. Maybe we are all a little lost, maybe we don’t always know where we are going or exactly why. Is it bad to be in your mid 20’s and not have it all figured out, I wonder.

 Some of us might have thought we knew, only to wake up with life propeling us in a new direction, dismissing our determined expectations with painful force. The loss of a loved one, sickness, divorce, or new life…. These all can change our direction in ways we never anticipated. 

Some of us haven’t concluded our expectations yet, as we wander on our journey with silent or unanswered questions in our heart. They haven’t found any one place where they fit, where their peices all match up. Life is big, and so are their desires.

They say, also, that those who think they know it all never do. I once thought that I would have answers by 23.. no, 24..  25? no….   the older I get the more I understand how little of this world I understand. Being lost is sometimes a great place to be. It forces you go back and see what’s really in your heart underneat it all, it also forces you into new and unexpected adventures that often change you in ways that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Always having more question than answers is good, it means you will never settle for the simple easy.

Maybe some of us are lost and don’t want to be found. Maybe I’m somewhere in-between……..