The last two years of my life have been years of change, much like the two before it, and the two before that. So it’s no surprise that my blogsite would change with them. I’ve been absent this last year while life has been busy writing all over me instead. I’ve taken time … Time to absorb, time for things to settle in my heart.  Some changes are smooth, but much like everything else in my life, they can also grow out of painful experiences. I am not sure how to roll over the old with the new, how to fit all the pieces together, so this time i start over. Some things are meant to stay for a time, for a period, and then you grown away from them and into new things. Clean slate, blank page, new city, new friends. Same me, same girl at heart. Only with a few more scars and experiences with both wonderful and heartbreaking stories to explain them. Some changes are voluntary, and sometimes we are hurled into them without a choice. Either way, i think, often times i’ve been able to look back and say it was all for the best, even necessary. I’m learning to let go of things that aren’t necessary or beneficial to me, and live more simplistic. I’ve learned to take risks and to silence the ever present anxiety.. I’ve also learned caution. Through it all I’d like to say i’m wiser because, but i’ll let you be the judge. I’m still figuring it out.