My mind wanders in high speed, I’m laying on the floor staring at the blank wall. Because I don’t know how to decorate. But its fitting because that’s really the story of my life, and I excuse myself by saying I don’t have time or it’s not important. But than wonder why my walls are blank, and why it bothers me so much.

Thinking about all the things of the past and the things of today, knowing this post wont be more then a few words, cause my thoughts won’t slow down or come out from where they’re hid.

And even if they did, couldn’t find their way out through my fingers.

Forgetting that tomorrow is a going to be a wonderful day, even if it won’t come soon enough for the heart that wrestles inside my chest. It just won’t rest.

Cause at one in the morning it always comes out. Every thought of the day that I’ve held at bay, and things I tried not to feel, didn’t want them to be real.

Here they are now, nothing left un-confessed.

And now I do my best, to move on as you might have guessed. No I’m not running away.

I just can’t stay.