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I love water. Pretty much all water, but drifting across a small lake in the early summer dusk is possibly the best thing yet.  It is an amazing thing to be out there, with a good friend and the water; where all worries slip away into the peaceful calm of a placid sapphire blue expanse.

Which my friend and I ventured in her little ”teacup” sail boat, and one paddle, which we managed not to drown in. Ah haha, its hard not to let out a genuine laugh every time I see this pic.

Life makes perfect sense out there, where for a moment the nag of worry is silenced.

I wish I could just live out there, I would pitch a tent one the shore and spend my summer with the smells of campfire smoke and crickets chirping, if the responsibility of life didn’t call…….. Far away from car engines and city sounds it’s where I am the calmest, and also where I rarely seem to end up

Right here in the beauty of His masterpiece I am reminded of His grace.

In this moment I see how small I am, and how big God is.

As I look at the remnants of gold shimmer over peaceful waters, as simple problems shrink into nothingness.  I can’t remember why it seemed so important to worry about next weeks schedule, or why it was so hard to let go of that mistake I made on wed; and move on.

Moments like this one make me wonder why it’s so hard to let go of my need to control things, and just trust God instead. When I am faced with just how big God is, all my insecurities and fears are shown to be exactly what they are – foolishness. 

So for a moment everything else fades into the background, as all fears are deadened with the peaceful rhythm of a paddle on the water.

While I thank him for His mercy, and praise Him for His grace, that He has made a way to redeem the fallen and broken ones. Ones just like me.